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Dad-itude (A Father’s Point of View) – Reader Discretion is Advised

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Burdis and I’m a 40 year old un-statused indigenous man with a larger side British ancestry (hence the un-statused). I’m a licensed Tool Maker working as a General Manager of a machine shop (or as my 9 year old son would say, “generally managing”).

My stories will include love, fear, faith, adventure, lust, tragedy (a tribute to my love of The Princess Bride) as we ride through the rollercoaster of my life. Here’s a brief synopsis:

  • My unexpected arrival was in London, Ontario to a 16 year old, well-rounded, great decision-making mother and father.
  • Day 1 – put up for adoption… but after some consideration, I was brought back home to take my place as the first-born illegitimate bastard.
  • At 7, I became a big brother to a brother. At 10, I became a big brother to a sister. Our family was forming nicely until, to my surprise, at around 12, my parents separated. I moved in with my Dad until our constant conflict pushed us apart and we didn’t speak for a year, and then he died in a boating accident. That was the catalyst that started years of loss… it seems many deaths followed in his place (uncles, cousins, friends and grandparents).
  • Fast forward a few years later, I joined the high school drama team as the lead actor and met the love of my life, Lindsay, as the stage manager that helped me to learn my lines… and some other things (wink wink).
  • This is where my life gets on track. I head to college, graduate with a full-time job, put a ring on it, get married, buy the house! In 2014, my son was born. In 2017, we welcomed our daughter. Life is good, very good. 
  • 2019 – tragedy strikes again. Our family is in a car accident heading back from a summer vacation down south. My daughter as I knew her, a neurotypical one year old, is gone. This begins a new chapter in my life… learning to be a father of a child with very special needs.

In upcoming months, I will break down certain events in detail (with my potty mouth and very unorthodox ways). So bare with me…


Daniel Burdis is a father of two and husband of one, who always strives to put family first. He will share tales of adventures throughout his life, but his main goal is to be the relatable father who makes questionable decisions!


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