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Dad Went Down Like a Tonne of Bricks

What is your favourite thing to do with your Dad?

Charlie – Snuggle – he’s a great snuggler! We love to watch game shows together and I’ve learned a lot. He’s also great when we go camping. He has lots of patience when we’re fishing. 

Harrison – Just spending time with him and wrestling in our pool together. He works a lot so when he’s home I love to hang out. I also love to learn things from him when he’s in the garage or working on a project. 

 What will you do with him on Father’s Day?

Charlie – We will let him sleep in! He really never sleeps in so he probably won’t. We will make him breakfast in bed and his favourite dinner. My brother and I are going to convince him to go fishing too! 

Harrison – We will make him breakfast in bed. His favourite breakfast is eggs, toast, hashbrowns and tomatoes. Hopefully we can go fishing too!

What is the funniest thing your Dad has ever said or done?

Charlie – There are too many to pick just one. I love listening to stories of his childhood when he was a kid. All of the things he and his friends did and the crazy fun trouble they caused were always fun things, never anything bad. I have great friends now that I hope I’m friends with when I’m old like him. 

Harrison – When we were seven, our dad’s best friend’s son was talking about how OLD my dad and his friend were. So our dad challenged him to a foot race – my dad was 45 and he was 12. If he lost, he lost his phone for a week. If our dad lost he would pay him $10. Our dad was winning the race but right near the end our dad’s hamstring popped and he went down like a tonne of bricks. My dad paid him the $10. 

What do you think your Dad was like when he was in grade 5?

Charlie – I think I would be friends with my dad when he was in Grade 5. We do a lot of the same things and he would have spent a lot of time with his friends hanging out, building forts in the woods, and having the best time ever. 

Harrison – I imagine he was hilarious. Has has some great one-liners and a quick wit! He was daring and athletic as a kid – he has lots of stitches to prove that!  He is still friends with people he went to grade school with so they must still be having fun!  


Charlie and Harrison
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