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Since its establishment in 1997, Dance Extreme has been more than just a dance studio; it’s a place where children and families unite to evolve as dancers and confident individuals. Situated in the heart of our community, Dance Extreme started with a modest setup of just two dance rooms. Today, it has blossomed into a lively center with six dance rooms, a kitchen, a study area, a birthday party room and cozy waiting areas for families, all meticulously designed to foster a nurturing environment and a strong sense of community. 

Our studio’s guiding principle, ‘Awaken the Greatness in Your Child,’ encapsulates the core of what we strive to achieve every day. The comprehensive range of our classes ensures that there’s something for every age and skill level, making dance accessible to all. Over 10,000 students have graced our halls, each departing with dance skills, invaluable life lessons, and a sense of personal growth. 

What sets Dance Extreme apart is our unique approach to teaching dance. We integrate mindfulness and life skills into our curriculum, helping students develop awareness and empathy alongside their dance techniques. This holistic approach ensures that our dancers excel on stage and in all aspects of their lives. 

Our facilities reflect our commitment to family and community. The glass windows in every studio and live feeds to TVs in our lobby allow parents and caregivers to be part of their children’s progress without interrupting their classes. This transparency is a cornerstone of the trust we have built with our families over the years. 

Each year, our dancers showcase their talents at the prestigious Grand Theatre, a professional venue that elevates every dancer’s performance. These showcases are not just about demonstrating skills but also about celebrating the journey of growth and self-discovery that each student embarks on, offering a glimpse into the exciting professional opportunities that await them. 

We invite you and your dancer to join us on this extraordinary journey of dance and personal growth, where every step taken on the dance floor is a step toward unlocking greatness.


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