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Ashley Aarts is the Director and Owner of Dance London. Since she began dancing at age three, her lifelong dream has been to teach. When she first joined the Dance London family 10 years ago as a faculty member, she wholeheartedly fell in love with the supportive environment and passion her colleagues had for dance. 

At Dance London, each dancer is equally valued – no matter how many classes they are taking or how long they’ve been with them. There is an atmosphere of an extended family among students, parents, and staff. Most importantly, Dance London does not participate in competitions. While they foster and teach dancers of all talents and passions, they respectfully do not compete with their dancers. After a 25+ year dance career in the competitive world, Ashley found this approach to teaching refreshingly different.

Dance, although sport-like in discipline, is first and foremost an art form. By removing the competition from dance, Dance London’s dancers are able to embrace the art of dance for all that it is – a graceful passion. All of their dancers have an in-depth understanding of technique and are taught to embrace a love for performing, without the stress of competition.

In 2015, Ruth Anne Rogerson retired and Ashley Aarts had the honour of taking over ownership of Dance London. At that time, she promised to carry on Ruth Anne’s legacy – continue to build a dance studio that is fun, welcoming, and inspiring for all students.

Her objective as a dance educator is to build strong technical dancers that have stylized movement and great performance qualities. From the dancers that take one class a week to the performance company dancers who are in six or more classes, each child is so very special. The faculty encourages dancers to be authentic and build self-esteem through performing, in order to maximize their potential, both inside and outside of the studio.

If you’re looking to increase your child’s self-esteem, improve their social skills, and help them develop great habits for life, enrolling them in a class at Dance London can be the start of a love for performance, arts, and a great way to socialize with other peers in a positive, encouraging environment.

For more information on how Dance London can enrich your child’s life, visit or email Ashley at They would love to have your family join their Dance London family! 


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