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This is definitely outdoor art! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tray filled with a thin layer of paint (paintbrush optional)
  • A basin filled with warm soapy water
  • A big roll of paper
  • Some music
  • A grassy space in your yard that can get painty

The most important thing here is to get completely set up before you introduce your little one onto the scene! Lay out your paper in the grass, get some music playing, and get your soapy water and paint all set. Then allow your little one to step in the paint tray (hold their hand so they don’t slip) OR paint the bottom of their feet with a heavy layer of paint and a paintbrush.  Get them to dance, step, slide and boogie across the big roll of paper. When they are completely done, or when you want to switch paint colours, have them step in the basin of soapy water (again holding their hand) to wash their feet before they run off towards your deck or indoor carpets!!!


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