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3 Designer Tips for Creating a More Versatile Home

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Now’s the perfect time to convert our homes into that comfortable yet functional space that we all need it to be. Our living spaces are now home schools, offices, conference rooms, and gourmet kitchens. We must now divide our living spaces to serve many different functions. Try these simple steps to create your ideal space at home:

 Your Home Is a Blank Canvas

Reimagining a space to serve your daily routine is the key to a functional home. For example, many of us don’t need a formal dining/living room at the front of the house. Use tastefully chosen furniture like a desk, a beautiful chair, and storage pieces that instantly make it into an office. Perhaps a playroom for the children? Adding in fun wall decals along with low table and chairs, and a bookcase for storage can make the space welcoming for little ones. Remember, your home is your space – imagine it the way it works for you.

Mental Wellness Starts at Home

Create a wellness space for yourself. Does your home have a spot where you can center yourself? An area where you can snuggle up and read, meditate, and feel at peace? During these stressful times, it is imperative to have space where you can “unplug” and “recharge.” It doesn’t need to be an entire room; it can only be a corner with comfortable pillows along with a few objects that are close to your heart. Good design isn’t just about appearance – it’s about having a positive personal connection with the items around you. Having a happy place where you can relax and ground yourself can make a big difference in one’s daily outlook.

Bring the Outdoors In

Adding plants to your space can play double duty: they are great for the mood and are a natural accessory! Adding greenery has an impact on the general feel of the room, making it feel fresh, clean, and alive. Having a green thumb is not a requirement. Many plants, such as aloe vera or snake plants, look beautiful and require less care. A bouquet plays a similar role by adding a lovely freshness to the home. Use decorative planters to elevate the look of the plants. A fiddle leaf fig tree in a textured planter can add life to a forgotten corner or an Umbrella Tree in a basket that you already own can create more comfortable design.

Remember, you want your home to be able to feel as though it’s giving you a HUG, it should be a space that you can enjoy surrounded by the atmosphere you love!

Sarah Atiq is a Principal Designer at Sarah Atiq Interiors 

Sarah Atiq
Principal Designer,
Sarah Atiq Interiors


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