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Designing a Space for the Young People in your Life

Creating a special space for the young people in your life can seem daunting, but with a little planning, you can have a room that will carry your baby through toddler, school-ager and even teenager.


As with most projects, the “rules” are simple and few:


  • Keep it Simple

Choose neutral colours – the temptation to use a traditional blue or pink may work for the baby stage of life but you may soon tire of it. There are so many beautiful hues of white from various paint distributors available. My favourites are from Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace, Cloud White, Barren Plain, Dove White – all neutrals with a hint of colour to guide you with your accessories. Also keep furniture to a minimum. This provides room for lots of play space which is integral to your child’s keeping toys and games in one room of the house.

  • Make the most of the Space

A dresser can be used as a great change table with some added padding and safety rails. A loft bed with work/play space under it or bunk beds allows more room for play and sleepovers.

  • Storage

Kids come with lots of stuff: clothing, games, toys, books and more. Wall hooks, under bed storage crates and built in storage in beds can provide handy spots to create habits of putting “stuff” somewhere other than in the middle of the bedroom floor. An under window bench with cubbies can double as a work/play space and storage area with baskets or boxes.

  • Accessorize with Colour and Texture

Pillows, prints, framed photos, a cozy rug and window shades can all add a splash of colour and texture that can be changed and updated at a reasonable cost and with little disruption as your child matures.

  • Create a Work Area

If you can find a small extra space, create an area that be used for colouring and creating. This same space can be used later as a homework space. 


Janice Brock,
Owner, Custom Covers and Custom Shades


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