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DIY Summer Fun

It’s easy to be the most popular mom or dad on the block this summer.  It won’t cost you much to turn common household items into unique craft materials that kids big and little will enjoy.  Just follow these simple recipes.


BEAUTIFUL BUBBLE MIX – Mix 6 cups water, 2 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid and ¾ cups corn syrup.  Shake and let sit for a couple of hours.  Use with small or large bubble wands.

JOYFULLY GIANT CHALK – Cover the end of three toilet paper rolls with duct tape.  Line the inside of each roll (bottom and sides) with a 6” X 6” piece of waxed paper.  Then mix ¾ cups warm water, 1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris and 2 tablespoons tempera paint.  Stand the rolls, duct tape end down, on a tray or in a box.  Pour or spoon your Plaster of Paris mixture into the rolls.  Allow to dry for about three days, then peel away duct tape, toilet paper roll and waxed paper.

DELIGHTFULLY DYED PASTA – Place dry pasta in a small baggie.  Add 1 teaspoon vinegar and 4-5 drops of food colouring.  Seal and shake well to mix.  Then open the bag to allow the pasta to air dry.  Use your colourful pasta to string necklaces or glue on cardboard picture frames.

PERFECT PAVEMENT PAINT – Blend ¼ cup of cold water + ¼ cup cornstarch.  Add a drop of food colouring and whisk.  Apply with a paintbrush (use real bristles – the disposable foam ones do not work well for this) to your driveway or sidewalk.

FABULOUS FINGER PAINTS – Mix 3 tablespoons sugar, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ cup corn starch and 2 cups water in a saucepan.  Heat on medium-low until thickened.  Cool and pour into containers.  Add food colouring and mix.

BLISSFUL BATH PAINT – Blend food colouring into shaving cream.  Apply with a paintbrush or fingers to sides of tub.


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