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Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

One of the best ways to save money as a family is to find activities that are cost-free.  As we typically have an abundance of snow during Canadian winters, what better way to have fun as a family then bundling up and heading outside to build a snowman.  But don’t stick to the same old boring snowman.  Be inspired with our ideas below:

  1. HEADSTAND SNOWMAN – Put the smallest snowball on the bottom, then medium and the biggest on top. You’ll have the best luck if your snowballs aren’t too different in size.  Stick your snowman’s face on the bottom ball, and a pair of boots coming out of the top.
  2. BIRDFEEDER SNOWMAN – Build a regular snowman, but instead of a hat on top, hollow out a hole along the top of the head. Fill your hole with birdseed and watch your feathered friends arrive!
  3. SUMMER SNOWWOMAN – Remember the fond memories of warmer days by dressing your snowwoman in bikini, sunglasses and a beach hat. Aloha!
  4. SNOW FAMILY – Build a snowman for each member of your family, and dress each in clothes of that member. You could use an apron, soother, favourite hat, hockey stick, work gloves, etc.
  5. SIR SPIKY HAIR – Build a snowman and decorate as you please. Collect icicles and stick into the top of the head to make spiky hair.
  6. SNOWANGEL – Lie down and make a snow angel in the snow by fanning your arms and legs. Now build a lying-down snowman by placing your three balls on top of the angel.  Add a face and sticks for arms to make it look like your snowman made a snow angel.
  7. COOL DUDE – Build a snowman and shape snow on top of his head to make a mohawk hairdo. Mix water and food colouring in a spray bottle.  Spray your snowman’s mohawk with your funky colour.  Add sunglasses to make him the coolest guy on the block.
  8. MANY MINIS – Line your driveway or sidewalk with mini snowmen (these are much easier for little ones to build and handle) as a welcome brigade for visitors to your home.
  9. SNOW ANIMALS – Try something different – how about a turtle, bunny or Loch Ness Monster?


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