“Dexter, I’ve hardly seen you today—put down your phone, please.” Dexter barely glances up, saying, “Dad, I can multitask!“Listen, let’s trade. Meditate for 20 minutes and tonight you can have one hour of uninterrupted screen time. Deal?” Grinning, Dexter exclaims, “Deal!” 


As parents, we want to encourage our kids to interact with technology. Yet, we also want them to have a balanced life. We want them to have the opportunities they need to grow into healthy, responsible adults. Finding the right balance led Jason Brown—dripdrop’s founder—to launch a new app that ends the Screen Time Struggle. The result: a better father-son relationship and a fast-growing community dedicated to improving family life.


dripdrop makes it fun for kids to do the activities parents want them to do. When families discover dripdrop.gg, they learn to create WinWin outcomes.



Parents love that dripdrop provides trusted kid-centric lessons to tweens and early teens. From valuable life skills to developing healthy habits—kids do it with enthusiasm! Kids love that dripdrop is gamified and they can earn rewards for the things they crave. Rewards like gift cards for their favourite brands, time with mom, or the ability to stay up late. Everybody wins!



Jason’s son Dexter now meditates, spends more quality time with his dad, and is finally making his bed. Jason feels closer to his son and doesn’t miss arguing over screen time. He’s proud that his son is now becoming the hero of his own life.



Life Upgrades are short video lessons that teach kids life skills. Parenting expert Jennifer Kolari teaches kids to manage anxiety. Life Coach Lisa Seward gives kids tools to handle bullies. Youth speaker and entrepreneur Sam Demma inspires kids to become leaders. New Life Experts keep the content fresh, inspiring, and relevant.



* make trades for what you both value most

* kids take action

* kids send video proof to parents

* parents unlock rewards


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