Edible Art!

Want to create something with the kids that you don’t have to keep and store for years to come? Make it edible (and healthy)! This may look fancy, but was actually quite easy. It turned out beautifully and was SO delicious.

Ingredients and tools:




Honeydew melon




Chocolate chips

Cookie cutters


Ridged French fry cutter (we found this tool at the Dollar Store)

Melon baller

Waxed paper

Flower pot, bowl or vase

Florist foam


  1. Cut an apple into slices and dip in melted chocolate. Leave to dry on waxed paper. Poke onto skewer once chocolate is completely hardened.
  2. Little ones will love skewering grapes, strawberries and melon balls. Bigger, stronger hands will love cutting star and flower shapes from pineapple and sticking on a skewer. Mom or Dad can cut melon with the ridged fry cutter and then skewer.
  3. Cut and place florist foam in the bottom of a pot, bowl or vase.
  4. Arrange all skewered fruit by poking into the foam. Make it nice and full.
  5. Enjoy!


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