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Editorial – We’ll Be Better Than Before

It’s every parent’s fear. Are my kids going to be alright? Will they grow up to be healthy, kind and loved? Will they achieve big things, will they follow their dreams? And then BOOM – a pandemic hits which turns their lives upside down. Our family dynamics have changed, schedules have changed, learning has changed.

Well guess what? We hear from the professionals this month who tell us the kids ARE going to be alright. Special education teacher, Frank Emanuele, reminds “Let us not underestimate the natural resilience in most children.” on page __. And RN, Heather Bywaters, of the London Middlesex Health Unit, talks about our families’ new-found “resilience and ability to adapt in a difficult, constantly changing environment.” We’ve learned some pretty amazing things about ourselves during these trying times! (p. __)

Here at The Mom & Caregiver, we have been honoured to partner with local restaurants for our Home Not Hungry initiative, feeding families who need help putting dinner on the table during this pandemic. We have fed over ___ hot and healthy meals to children and adults across London, and have learned what an amazing, supportive community we are!

I find I’m looking for every reason to celebrate these days, and helping our community has surely been a huge one. But we have even more coming this month. June boasts the first day of summer, and there’s hope that a tiny bit of normalcy will be returning for our warmest, brightest season. At the very least, the kids can be running through the yard sprinkler, chalking on the sidewalk and searching for clovers in the grass. We are also pumped to honour dear old dad this month with Father’s Day on June 21st. Dads – you’ve become even more of a hero these past few months as you show us that fathers can be a  thousand different things from meal-makers to home-schoolers to essential-workers to hug-givers. I miss my father dearly, and if you’re like me, be sure to read Janet’s “D.D.C.” article on page __.

Why not show your heart to the special man in your life with a recipe from one of our newest writers, Chef Devan Rajkumar. Yummy meatballs in a cast-iron skillet (p. __) might just have Pop’s name written all over them! We also welcome new author, Debbie Braun, who will be giving us real (estate) advice on buying, selling and moving with a family on p. __.

Stay safe and stay healthy this summer, with lots of love from The Mom & Caregiver family!

Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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