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Editor’s Note – It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

When you were pregnant, do you remember a single person telling you that parenthood was easy? Nope! It was always “labour is the worst pain you will ever experience” and “having a toddler is like having a blender you don’t have the lid for” and “dealing with a teenager will make you SO angry!”

We all experience the tough and trying times of having children, and believe me, we should all share and talk about those times – no one should feel alone on the parenting journey. So this month, we take a trip through some of those biggest worries – climb aboard to learn about healthy eating, healthy sleep and healthy emotions this month.

How do you get your little picky eaters on board with healthier eating? Call them Incredible Hulk Muffins – that will work for sure! (find the recipe on page __) Worried about safe sleep for your infant? Reduce the risk of SIDS with tips from RN Christa Weir-Cudney of the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex on page __. Unsure of how to deal with the BIG emotions that come with being a preschooler or schoolager? Find a personal story and practical ideas in our Frankly Fatherhood column on page __.

We are proud to welcome our newest family member and writer, Custom Orthotics of London, in their regular column One Step at a Time. This month, they offer suggestions for parents of children with Down Syndrome (page __).

We were so excited to meet this month’s joyful cover kids, Olivia and Emma, and are honoured that their moms are sharing stories with us during Canadian Down Syndrome Week, which runs from November 1-7. We’ve asked them to share about their wonderful lives with daughters with Down Syndrome, and why advocating is important to them. You’ll love these beautiful tales as much as we do, and you’ll be reminded that “No, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but the joyous moments far outweigh any of the rough patches.”

Lastly, we take a moment to honour those who risked their lives, and continue to risk their lives, to give us our freedoms this month. We hear from our youngest citizens in tribute to Remembrance Day in Kid Zone’s Why We Remember to Never Forget.

This November, we hope your joyous moments far outweigh any of your toughest times. Let the sun shine and the rainbows beam!


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