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Emily’s “taco” in a pan

Submitted by Emily Filhart

1 pound of ground meat (we prefer turkey to beef)
4-5 tablespoons homemade taco seasoning (find a recipe online that you like) (we make ours so there’s no salt)
2 cups minute rice
2 ¼ cups water
Any veggies you have in the house (carrots, celery, corn, onion etc)

Brown meat in a large skillet. Add any vegetables that take a long time to cook (fresh veggies for example). When meat is browned, add seasoning, rice and water. Add any frozen or already cooked vegetables. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or until all of the water is absorbed.
Serve in many ways: place in a tortilla and top with favourite taco toppings, serve loose on a plate and cover with favourite taco toppings and pick up with tortilla or pita chips
Doubles easily. Great for large groups.


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