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Enjoy Every Sunshiny Bit!

Enjoy Every Sunshiny Bit!

Now that school is over, I have to admit that one of the times that makes me most smile as a parent is watching the last day of school dismissal. I love the sight of the kids running out the doors cheering and yelling and chanting “No more pencils, no more books…” They’re finally free and ready for a summer full of adventure, exploration and fun.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I also worry when that last bell rings. What will Mikaeel do all summer? Will he be bored by the end of the first week? How will I balance my work schedule and having a 12 year old hanging around? I think we’ve struck a good balance this summer. Mikaeel is signed up for a variety of cool summer camps with a few weeks off just to chill at home without a schedule.

I think we all need that unscheduled time off in the summer. These lazy, hazy days allow us to slow down a bit, whether that means a long road trip to a favourite cottage, or strolling through one of London’s many summer festivals.

Now don’t forget the sunblock on all your outings. We’ve got you covered in this month’s Health and Wellness column with a focus on SPF. And we’ll keep you well fed with summer snacks that are healthy and portable in Food For Thought. We’ll even be by your side if Fido gets sprayed by a skunk with tips and tricks from Neighbourhood Pet Clinic on page 20.

As much as Mikaeel and I are looking forward to enjoying a fantastic summer, we’re finding this to be a very bad allergy season, and we’re hearing the same from friends. Sometimes when the poplar tree “fluffs” are flying, and the pollen leaves a yellow coating on the deck, we have to turn to some Reactine. But it’s great to know there are non-medication alternatives from Dr. Bhayana on page 10.

It’s hard to believe that July’s really here – it feels like just a few weeks ago we were complaining about snow! So if you, like me, were made for sunny days, we hope you enjoy every sunshiny bit of summer.


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