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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Every year, there are a few beauty industry trends, such as eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo, microblading, lip plumping, eyelash extensions, etc. 

Thick eyelashes can help eyes to pop on both men and women. In the case of having long eyelashes, mascara uses to be a staple in every woman’s makeup bag. But the glamour looks only last for one day. The newer alternative, eyelash extensions, are a growing trend in recent years. But not everyone is attracted to such a trend. 

The difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions is that in eyelash extensions, the individual fibres are glued, one by one or in small groups, onto the natural eyelashes to enhance the length and fullness. The material of eyelash extensions is made of synthetic fibres, such as nylon. Usually, anything so near the eye area can be risky. With eyelash extensions, problems are caused mostly by the glue used to bond the synthetic fibres. The chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reactions. 

The common dangers of eyelashes extension are:

  • Infection of the cornea 
  • Temporary loss of eyelashes 
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Bacteria 

What are the risks of eye extensions?

Some eye doctors and researchers believe eyelash extensions can increase the risk of dry eyes. An optimal eyelash length actually can protect eyes from wind, dust and other debris. The suggested optimal eyelash length should be one-third the width of the eyes. When the eyelashes are too full, it can create a fan-like effect every time you blink. The airflow on the surface of the eye can cause dry eye symptoms. Synthetic eyelashes seem very light, but they can add lots of weight to eyelid muscles when bonded together. That extra weight can weaken eyelid muscles to create the risk of droopy eyes. 

Eyelash extension safety

We are all looking to have attractive eyes with fuller and longer looking eyelashes, but eyelash extensions are not the only way. I highly recommend medical lash enhancers such as “Latisse” to encourage natural eyelashes to grow longer. Your eyelid muscles will be stronger, like tree roots grabbing soil to keep the bank sturdy from erosion. Eyelash enhancers also have some side effects. Make sure to talk with your eye doctor about the pros and cons of both eyelash extensions and eyelash enhancers before deciding which methods are suitable and safe for you. 

Please feel free to contact me at lseed@revitamedispa.com if you have any questions about anti-ageing or skincare. 

Remember, Relax, Regenerate, Revitalize.

Lily Seed Owner/Spa Director
Revita Medical Esthetics & Spa



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