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Falling in Love with Nature

This month, we are not only celebrating Valentine’s Day, but Family Day as well. What a perfect time to share our love and appreciation for all things nature, with those we love!

Introducing children of all ages to the benefits of nature is extremely important. Not only is getting outside in fresh air and sunshine great for our health, it reduces stress, improves concentration, cultivates joy and enhances learning. It is such a perfect opportunity to share the importance of nature, from plants and vegetation to bugs and mammals.

Let’s take this opportunity to teach our children about life cycles, weather and wildlife, all while being mindful. Walk slowly, take in the sounds of birds singing and trees rustling, and notice the smells of pine trees and upturned soil.

A love of nature is an understanding that we are not separate from the natural world but an integral part of it. It has been proven that when kids spend time in nature, it fosters stewardship. In order to take care of something, one must feel a connection to it. When children discover their own interest and passion for the environment, we are creating new leaders and stewards to save our world. 

Don’t forget to check out our website and social media pages for an updated schedule of free kids’ events happening at our Wortley location! Sharing our love of all things nature with fun, educational classes on a variety of topics, for children of all ages is our passion!

Ashley Satchell, owner, Featherfields


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