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Fatherhood is a Journey

Being a father holds a unique place exclusively for dads. As a single mother, I’ve often heard fellow single moms say, “I have to be both mom and dad”, emphasizing the absence of a partner in sharing the joys and responsibilities of parenting. However, I soon realized that while I could take on many roles for my children, I couldn’t replace their father. I could offer them physical, emotional and spiritual care, but a dad’s role is truly irreplaceable.

Single parents can raise strong, independent children who lead fulfilling lives. Yet, I believe that my children’s fathers provide a unique kind of love, support, security and guidance that hold immense value.

In my own journey, my bond with my father has deepened over the past three decades. A successful entrepreneur and a traditional father figure, he has gracefully transitioned into a nurturing caregiver, a trusted confidant, and has shown his love in unexpected ways he refrained from during my upbringing.

Building a relationship takes effort from both sides, although I always encourage parents to take the lead in addressing our gaps. Witnessing my connection evolve and strengthen given my dad’s desire to develop his role has been an immense blessing.

My father is a modest man who avoids the spotlight, but I trust he will receive this message as intended: a heartfelt expression of my deep love, admiration and appreciation for his growth, setting an example for other fathers on their journey. 


Fathers encourage and comfort their children – Thessalonians 2:11-12


Marcy Demelo is an Entrepreneur, Career Coach and Educator, teaching you how to reinvent yourself to live out your passion. Find her on Instagram at waymaker_inc and at www.waymakerinc.ca.


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