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Feeding Baby Feeds our Souls

“As mothers, we don’t always get to decide how we feed our babies. It’s simply our job to feed them.” (Colleen Olson) Breastfeeding, formula-feeding, bottle-feeding, tube-feeding and combo-feeding are all best options to meet your babies’ unique feeding needs. 

We are honoured this month to share a recipe from brand new mama and nutritionist, Jenn Giurgevich. She explains that her yummy lactation cookies (they have dark chocolate chunks!) are great for all “feeding mamas out there who are looking for a sweet treat in between feeding, burping, and changing all those diapers!” (page 20) The added bonus to breastfeeding mothers is the addition of oats, flax seed and brewer’s yeast which have been anecdotally found to help with milk supply.

All this talk of feeding babies took our assistant editor Melissa back about 15 years. She breastfed each of her two daughters for the first year of their lives, and despite night feedings, bites and bouts of minor infections, she enjoyed feeding time very much. She recently shared a funny story of breastfeeding her youngest daughter. With her hands obviously full, and with a runny nose, Melissa asked her older daughter, then 2 ½ years old, to help her out by bringing her a Kleenex. The preschooler confidently walked into the bathroom a few rooms over, and came out proudly with a “tissue” in hand. She had taken the end of the toilet paper and pulled, stretching the roll all the way down the hall and all the way to mom feeding baby on the couch. Definitely one of those laugh/cry moments that are so common during early motherhood.

Soon-to-be mamas will also want to read “Why are Prenatal Classes Important?” from Childbirth Educator Rebecca Robertson (page 14). One sentence says it all for me. “When you are prepared with knowledge of things to expect, it will make it much easier in the moment.”

Parents of older children won’t want to miss “Tips for Bedtime in the Digital Age” on page 15. From using an old school alarm clock to exercising regularly, you’ll love these ideas for sending the kids off to dreamland.

Lastly, check out our Events page to celebrate everything April brings. You’ll find natural egg dyes for Easter and mud-pie kitchen plans for Earth Day. We truly hope this issue puts a “spring” in your step!

Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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