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Fill Up Your March Break Calendar!

Arghhh! It’s March Break, and you don’t know what to do with the kiddos! No worries – we’ve got everything you need to make March Break fun for the kids, sanity-saving for the parents and memorable for all!

Sunday – It’s Daylight Savings Time. Send the kids go around the house to spring ahead all the clocks you forgot to change last night. Eat pancakes for supper (it’s super easy, and who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?)

Monday – Make homemade playdough (find instructions at www.themomandcaregiver.com/homemade-play-dough-for-the-win/). While the kids are busy, take an ADULT break with a cotton candy cocktail (put 1 Tbsp. raspberry vodka in a flute, top with champagne, stir in pink cotton candy).

Tuesday –Have an indoor lunch picnic of sandwiches, fruit and lemonade by spreading a blanket on the living room floor. Check out Blippi at Budweiser Gardens (find details in our page 5 Events calendar).

Wednesday – Make March Break Marshmallows (find the recipe on page 14). Look at baby pictures or movies with your school-ager (this provides lots of laughs, but try to hold back the tears, parents!)

Thursday -Break the only-build-with-a-new-expensive-Lego-kit habit and challenge the kids with these (build something from a factory, a character from a movie, something you’d find outdoors, a creation using only blocks of the same colour). Catch a London Lightning basketball game at Bud Gardens (find details in our Event calendar).

Friday – Happy St Patrick’s Day – bake green muffins from www.themomandcaregiver.com/food-for-thought-the-incredible-hulk-muffins/. Pick up a minty Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s (a tradition assistant editor, Melissa, has had with her sister for years!)

Saturday – Prepare for the upcoming first day of spring – print off our spring bucket list and check off an activity or two (www.themomandcaregiver.com/my-spring-summer-bucket-list-50-free-things-to-do-before-youre-12/). Go for a neighbourhood walk that’s more fun than normal (stick a masking tape bracelet, sticky side out, around your kid’s wrist and let them collect things!)

P.S. International Women’s Day is March 8th, and belongs to all those who are compelled to care. So let’s #EmbraceEquity, raise awareness and celebrate successes. To all the strong and amazing women out there – you inspire me. Thank you,

Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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