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Find your Mama Groove!

Happy Mother’s Day to all and I hope you find time for you. I personally have mixed emotions over this day as I lost my mother years ago. As my children became of age to celebrate Mother’s Day, I realized that the day meant different things to different people. I was simply lucky to watch mine grow up and be present every day. 

How medical professionals see parenting now is different than 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. This had me thinking? What style of mamahood was I? The book, “Bringing Up Bebe” was a game changer for me eons ago. 

I am a consistent, involved parent who is present and available with no phones on when my children are around. My mom didn’t have a cell phone, hers was attached by a cord to a wall. So how do we find styles that work for us in this world of technology? I say try different shoes on and if the shoe doesn’t fit, try another shoe. Well, I tried several on. However, I kept coming back to the same few fundamental things. I felt like parenting came pretty naturally to me and I was laid back. I was definitely outdoorsy, athletic and wanted my children to be raised with the same relationship with the environment my parents raised me to love. I wanted my children to have strong morals and be able to take care of themselves. But if you find ways that work for kids to pick up socks or put their dishes in the dishwasher, I want to know. 

I just started to build our own value system and from there I found routines and traditions that worked for our family. I still have to find new strategies for each of my very different children. I have three kids, and all need very different parenting styles. I learned this when they all were young and started to show their different characteristics. 

In this digital age of parenting psychotherapists and psychologists collectively offer three consistent suggestions for parents:

  1. Be present, love unconditionally and be attentive without a device. 
  2. Schedule time to bond daily no matter what age 
  3. Tell them you love them and read to them before bed until they kick you out. 


After interviewing professionals for over 100 hours, I can safely say with 100% assurance that we need to stay close and connected as a family by unplugging. To raise happy, healthy children that thrive, children need parents who are their landing mats. 

Larissa Mills, B. A., M.Ed. is the founder
of Iparentgen.com. She is a mother of three, a Parent Coach and a 4KIDS Sports & Educational Consultant.


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