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Fingerpainting Fun

Submitted by the staff at Childreach

Fingerpainting is the most basic painting experience for young children. Even the least artistically oriented child will enjoy the thrill of feeling and experimenting with wet, squishy paint. Painting is a wonderful opportunity for you to interact with your child. Pull up a chair and enjoy getting messy!

Fingerpainting encourages children to experiment with textures, colours, shapes, movement and space, and enhances observation skills, fine motor strength, and eye-hand co-ordination. It promotes expressive and receptive language skills when you talk about the basic concepts that they’re experiencing, like “How does that paint feel oozing through your fingers? Is it smooth? Is it slippery?”

Edible finger paint

Pudding, yogurt, whipped cream, and gelatin that hasn’t completely set are paint possibilities. Place a small amount of the “paint” on a baking sheet or a clean table and let the creativity begin!

There are many websites that give great fingerpainting and handprinting ideas:

• http://pinterest.com

• http://www.kids-crafts-fun-and-games.com/finger-painting.html

• http://www.kidspot.com.au/Toddler-firsts-Fun-at-home-Painting-activities-for-toddlers+6511+737+article.htm


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