Food Waste

Wasting food not only wastes money but is bad for the environment because it produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions (like methane) that contribute to climate change. Food waste is hard to avoid with small children. Try offering even smaller portions and then offer more if eaten.

According to the National Zero Waste Council, consumers are responsible for the largest share of food waste, approximately 47% of total food waste. The remaining food waste is created along the food supply chain (retail, restaurants, hotels).

Reducing food waste at home can be relatively easy, help you get more out of your food and save you money. We often waste good food because we buy too much, don’t plan our meals, or don’t store our food properly. It’s estimated that avoidable food waste costs the average Canadian household from $600-$1,100 per year.

The City of London is exploring a Green Bin Program to be started in 2022. Green bin programs can help use some of the unavoidable food waste, but it is still better to prevent the wasted food in the first place.


Tips to Reduce Your Food Waste

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time. This helps determine how much food you need. (
  2. Make a grocery list and stick to it. This avoids bringing home unnecessary extras that can’t be used before spoiling. 
  3. Store your food properly. Know what goes in the fridge, freezer or left on the counter and for how long. 
  4. Use “Best Before” dates as a guide for optimal freshness, taste, texture, and nutritional value. They are not an expiry date. Many foods are useable after the “Best Before” date and do not need to be thrown out.
  5. If you like having leftovers in the fridge, plan to use them in different ways so it feels new. (
  6. Prepare just enough. Unused leftovers mean money in the garbage and eventually the landfill.


For more information, check out National Zero Food Waste’s Love Food Hate Waste (

Submitted by Ginette Blake BASc RD on behalf to the Middlesex-London Community Early Years Partnership


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