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Get Active with your Kids!

Parents play a key role in helping our children become more physically active. You know the saying “monkey see, monkey do”? Let’s lead by example with these tips:

  1. Plan ahead! Make sure you set a time that works with your schedule. Pencil it into your family calendar. I am a big believer that what gets scheduled gets done.  
  2. Have active toys. Have balls, jump ropes, squatters and other active toys available. 
  3. Play with your children. Have fun together going for a walk, bike riding or kicking around a soccer ball. 
  4. Make it fun! Get excited about physical activity, and help your child find a sport or activity they enjoy. The more they enjoy it, the more likely they’ll continue it.

Need a quick, fun 15-minute workout that can be done inside or outside? If you have a timer, you can set it for 20-30 seconds per activity with 15 seconds of rest in between. If not, just do 12-15 reps per exercise. Repeat 3X. Make sure you do it together as a family!

Jumping Jacks
Jog on the spot
Air punches
Push up

You can find the full workout on my Instagram at instagram.com/meaghanterzis

Meaghan Terzis
Lifestyle Coach and Biz Mentor, empowering women through fitness, essential oils and healthy living.


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