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Get Your Shoes On, Gorgeous!

 “The hardest part about working out is getting the shoes on your feet”, I’d say to my clients eight years ago as I supported individuals with personal training. I have maintained this logic and theory with everything I have stepped into to write a new life chapter about healthy holistic habits, packing the last box for moving day, going on that first date after divorce, or starting a new job to support my co-parenting lifestyle. 

Every change requires a mental capacity to slow down on the limiting beliefs and to anchor into trusting your instincts, vibes and intuitive self with why you have been lead to this new starting point to begin with. However, when your internal light switch finally flips into the ‘on’ position that has implied you’re ready to go, the first few times you try to slip into that footwear may be a bit tough; I get it. But, here’s something to consider… you and I both know you can do tough things. Period. 

Once you get the shoes on your feet for that first workout, moving day, creating your profile for Bumble or starting your 9-5, your momentum around the change will build. Law of Attraction says it does, and I believe wholeheartedly in this theory too. The more you place your attention on what you want and the presence of it already being done, the more it will show up in your reality. This momentum and sense of accomplishment will come with the added value of “soul much” relief and alignment, happiness and the miracle of manifesting your desires. Feels like a solid recipe cooked up in love this year to me, therefore my question for you to ponder today is: 

“What pair of shoes do you desire to put on in 2024 first?” 

Be gentle with yourself as you set your goals and devote to your changes. Let the dial of calibration turn to the right with a softness, kindness and trust in the process. And may this be the year of feeling fully lit up, smile beaming bright.


Lyndsay Campbell is a co-parenting mother of two boys, a Life Transformation Coach and
Reiki Master.


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