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A spring flood in my basement caused me to lose some of my Halloween decorations.  I’m replacing them with these fun, inexpensive DIY projects.

  1. Paint gourds or small pumpkins with glossy or metallic paint in funky colours that match your décor.
  2. Make creepy candles by dripping “blood” (red wax from a lit red candle) down regular white taper candles. Stick the white candles in a bucket of sand to avoid burning yourself, and be sure this is done by an ADULT ONLY.
  3. Spray paint a small fallen branch with black paint. Hang the branch horizontally over a doorway.  Cut bats from black cardstock and dangle them on strings from your branch.
  4. Drill small holes all over a synthetic foam pumpkin. Stick a lollipop in each hole.  Use this to decorate your house through October and then pass out the lollipops on Halloween night.
  5. Stuff striped socks or tights with crumpled paper or extra socks. Place a woman’s high heeled shoe at the end of each foot.  Stick the “wicked witch” legs out from under a couch or chair.
  6. Layer a folded napkin, knife and fork, and small rubber skeleton (available at dollar stores). Wrap the whole bundle with a strip of Halloween paper to make a spooky table setting for each family member.
  7. Cut out large scary shapes from black Bristol board. Tape to the inside of your windows, then cover the window with green tissue paper.  Light from behind for an eerie effect.
  8. Mix 1 cup of white glue with ¼ cup of water. Soak long strings of white cotton yarn in the glue mixture.  Wrap the wet strings around a blown-up balloon.  Dry overnight and pop the balloon to produce a round spider web.  Attach small plastic spiders to your web.


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