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Have You Lost Your Marbles

I don’t know about you, but my kids went through a phase where they wanted to collect marbles. They came in all kinds of colours and patterns, and they sorted and counted with them, and they were available at the dollar store, so it worked for us! Well, now it’s time to start using all those bags of marbles for something, so we made sun-catchers! Here’s how we did it:

Each child chose a piece of wood from our scrap pile. There were rectangular pieces left from projects, and rounds cut off our Christmas tree each year. Mom or Dad will need to help with the drill. We drilled multiple holes through the wood that were the same size as the marbles. Then, again with parental help, a little drop of Crazy Glue was put in each hole, and the child chose a beautiful marble to stick in. We added an eye-hook at the top and tied a piece of ribbon so it can hang from a window and catch the sun’s rays! 


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