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Hey Teach! I Got Some Tips!

You’re in grade six now! What are some of the best things a teacher can do to teach kids your age?


Charlie – It will take some time for all of us (teachers too) to get adjusted to being back at school in a classroom again. The most important thing for the teacher to be is patient. Even though we know the routines, I think it will take longer for everyone to get used to things again. 


Harrison – The most important thing our teacher can do at the beginning of this year is to listen to his/her students. The pandemic has been difficult on everyone (teachers too) and it will be a big adjustment this year. I’m going to bring in some past editions of The Mom & Caregiver and she can read them and get a better understanding of me and my brother!  LOL!


What are some of the things you think teachers don’t know about you that they should?


Charlie – This year my brother and I will be in the same class. We look so much alike when we wear masks it’s more difficult for our teachers and students to tell us apart. It’s harder for my brother and me to be seen individually. Once you get to known us you see just how different we are. One thing our new teacher should know is that both my brother and I have A LOT of energy. 


Harrison – One thing that our teacher should know is that we are actually fraternal twins and not identical twins. It will be hard to tell us apart when we have our masks on. One good thing about being in the same class is when we have homework or prepare for tests, my brother and I help each other by studying together.


Have you ever been underestimated as a young person? How did that feel and how did you show your strength?


Charlie – When I was in grade 2, we were heading back inside after recess when another student kept hitting people. It wasn’t right. I was really nervous but I told him to stop before someone got hurt. I’m pretty shy and had never stood up to anyone before. He stopped – I couldn’t believe it. Having the confidence to speak up to help others really works. 


Harrison – Last year our mom was concerned we wouldn’t do well when we had to switch to online learning. We had a great teacher who was so patient. It took a while to get into it (learning through a computer is not fun) but Charlie and I both proved our mom wrong and did really well our last term. 


Charlie and Harrison
Meet 10 year-old twins, Charlie and Harrison, our new Kid Zone writers!
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