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Homemade Holiday Ornaments

Here’s a great craft for the young of age and the young at heart to enjoy this holiday season!

You won’t break the bank, as you simply begin with an inexpensive clear ornament (glass for the adults, plastic for the children), and fill it with items you find around home.  Remove the cap from the top of the ornament, and gently push/pour your fillers in (you may want to use a skewer to push in your items or a funnel for pourable goodies).  These are great to give as gifts, to make during a craft party, or to use on your own tree.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

TINSEL –Snip a short piece of silver tinsel for a glittery effect.

TIME CAPSULE – Type up short slips of paper describing your year (eg. Ella started school.  We vacationed in Florida.)  Insert all slips and label with the year.

NATURE – Forage for fresh holly, evergreen or bayberry sprigs.  You’ll need to replace these year to year.

VACATION MEMORIES – Fill with sand and shells from your summer vacation.

MELTED SNOWMAN – Insert fake snow, a small fabric scarf, black bits for coal and a carrot nose (use felt or clay).  Your “melted snowman” will slip and slide around the bottom of the ornament.

FAVOURITE TOYS – Fill with Lego pieces or Barbie shoes as a memory of a special toy.

HOBBIES – Insert golf tees or buttons for the golf fan or sewing buff.

COLOUR CODED – Fill your ornament with your favourite colour (mine would be filled with yellow ribbon, beads and sequins).

CANDY – This makes a great little present.  Fill a plastic ornament with Smarties, Nerds or chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS – You’ll require an ornament that opens in half for this one.  Put your new little one’s baby hat and hospital bracelet inside.

JINGLE JANGLE – Fill with jingle bells for a musical decoration.



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