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How to Elevate Your Business Instantly

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily operations of your business. After all, you wear many different hats in order to stay afloat. I know this feeling all too well. Before I grew my bakery into a million-dollar business, I got stuck in the day-to-day operations of merely “getting by”. The problem with this cycle is that your business will never grow into the things most entrepreneurs dream of – a flexible work schedule, the ability to focus on your preferred area of expertise, unlimited vacation, financial freedom, etc. All those perks only come after you’ve figured out how to elevate your business and look at the bigger picture. Here are my top four tips for elevating your business instantly:


  1. Hire staff. Remove yourself from as much of the daily operations as possible. You’ll never be able to grow and scale your business if you’re constantly answering the phones, responding to emails or preparing everyone’s orders. 
  2. Set sales goals. If you plan on elevating, know where you currently sit. Spend some time analyzing your current sales and set higher monthly goals to ensure you’re growing. Sales are the number one most important part of your business. If you do not have sales, you do not have a business.
  3. Branding and marketing will take you to the top. While sales are certainly number one, branding and marketing are a close second. If no one knows about your business, then guess what? No one will be buying your products! It’s imperative that you develop a killer strategy to keep bringing in new customers, stay top of mind and let the world know who you are and what you do. 
  4. Revamp your customer experience. This is critical to keeping customers coming back. Keep exploring innovative ways to engage your customers (ask them for feedback, give them extra perks, treat them to exclusive deals) and above all else, make sure they feel valued. 


I’ve built a business from the ground up with zero experience or education. I’m extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their dreams too. If you’re looking for more ways to elevate your business, connect with me on my website www.rebeccahamiltonco.com!  

Rebecca Hamilton,
Owner, Chick Boss Cake


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