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Inclusive Costumes for Halloween

We all know once fall hits, the Halloween stores start popping up, the neighbours start decorating and our children begin dreaming of their Halloween costume. Some kids want scary costumes with blood, guts and gore while others want to dress like their favourite superhero or princess! Whatever they choose, our goal as a parent is that our child is comfortable and happy in their costume and they can trick or treat with their friends or family. 

Halloween costumes have always been a challenge for individuals with a disability. In the past, parents may have had to modify a costume to allow easy access to the abdomen for a G-Tube, modify a pant leg to accommodate an AFO or reconstruct the back of a dress so it sits nicely in the wheelchair. Society has slowly become more aware of the adaptations many individuals require and the fashion industry has finally started making adaptable and inclusive costumes and clothing! 

Adaptive clothing is apparel that has been designed for people who have specific needs that traditional clothing cannot accommodate. In addition, adaptive clothing may also be designed for people who have difficulties dressing themselves due to age, disability or general lack of mobility. The key to effective adaptive clothing is catering to the vast array of needs different consumers have, while maintaining style and fashion.

Adaptive clothing includes a wide variety of innovations including:

  • Discrete access to the chest or abdomen for portholes, G-tubes or ostomy bags
  • Zippers that can be fastened with one hand
  • Magnetic buttons and Velcro closures in strategic locations to ease dressing and accommodate assistive devices, prosthetics or orthotic devices
  • Sensory friendly knits and materials with flat seams and screen printed size “tags” 
  • Clothing that can be put on while seated
  • Clothing without seams or pockets on the back to make sitting more comfortable
  • Anti-strip designs
  • Compression clothing for those with hypermobile joints or swelling (edema)


You can find Adaptable Halloween Costumes at Amazon, Disney, Etsy, halloweencostumes.com, Party City and Target.


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