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Is it Time for New Hiking Shoes?

June is finally here! The dreary winter blues are behind us and it is finally time to get those hiking boots out and move our bodies! There is no better way to do that than hiking and exploring nature! 

But before you hit the trail, check out those old tattered hiking boots and see if they need to be replaced. No hiking boots? That’s alright, you can also follow these guidelines when assessing running shoes. 

  1. Inspect the overall appearance. Are there any cracks, rips or tears in the exterior material? Is the shoe’s stitching intact? Faulty stitching or damaged materials can impair the integrity of the boot, affect the structural stability and affect the waterproofing ability. 
  2. Assess the method of fastening. Are the laces frayed and worn out? Are all the eyelets intact? Do the Velcro straps still hold? 
  3. Set the shoe on the table and assess the overall shape and alignment. Does the shoe appear deformed, flatter or lopsided? 
  4. How does the foot bed look? Do you use the factory liner or have custom foot orthotics? Are there signs of excessive wear? Does it still provide support and cushioning? 
  5. The most important: How does the tread look? Are there any signs of excessive and uneven wear patterns? Take the time to inspect the entire bottom of the shoe closely. The tread provides traction and stability. If the tread on the bottom of your shoe is smooth in some places or isn’t as defined as it used to be, this is a sure sign that it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. 
  6. Just like everything else in life, shoes have a lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your shoes every 500-800 km walked in.
  7. Another big factor to consider when it comes to boot longevity is the type of terrain you are using them on. Trail walking is a lot more forgiving than pavement, so keep that in mind. 
  8. How do you care for your boots? Are your boots constantly getting wet or exposed to adverse weather conditions? This can dramatically impact the lifespan of the boot. 

Still can’t figure out if you should replace your hiking boots/running shoes this summer? Go to your local store with your old shoes and try on a pair similar so you can compare how the new versus old feel and fit.


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