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It’s a Dog’s Life for Me!

Tell us about your pets!

Lander: Our dog, Everest, loves to steal human food and our dog, Nori, is scared of everything. 

Adi: Everest and Nori are our dogs. They like to lick me and they take food from my hands. 

If your dogs were in charge of you for a day, what would they make you do?

Lander: They would definitely make me play stick all day and build forts for them to sleep in.

Adi: I think they would make me rest all day and make me eat candy. 

If you were any animal, which one would you be and what would you do?

Lander: I would be a black panther and I would hunt. 

Adi: I’d be a panda and eat bamboo all day and feed my baby. 

If you could invent something for pets, what would it be?

I would invent a collar that teaches them to talk human language.

Adi: I would invent a toy that would make them really, really happy and love you so much and they’d be happy all day.


Meet our new Kid Zone writers, 10 and 6 year old siblings, Lander and Adi! Each month, they’ll be sharing perspectives on life as a child sees it.


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