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It’s Family Time

In the whirlwind of parenting young children, it seems that the holidays sneak up on me faster each year. As this year’s festivities jump at me from around the already tinsel-decorated corner, I am making a conscious effort to pull back from the crazy hustle and bustle of the season and really try to enjoy my family time.

Each year the reason for the season has changed for me. From celebrating baby’s first, to holidays down south and, in recent years, it’s all been about experiencing it through the wonder-filled and excited eyes of my kids.

Earlier this year, both my father and father-in-law had some pretty severe health scares. Serious enough that I began thinking of our lives without them. I thought about how much my kids enjoyed time with their grandfathers and how unfair it was for those times to end so abruptly. I thought about how I would explain such immense loss to my four-and two-year-olds. I also thought about how holiday gatherings and traditions would feel without them.

Luckily, both men pulled through and are improving in health each day. Time spent together has a new and uplifting meaning for us… and especially for them. And, with Christmas coming, I can’t help but assign this year a theme of immense gratitude for my family.

I will try my best to not stress over the “not-so-important” stuff of the holiday season. Meal planning, driving, wrapping up work, and gift shopping will need to take a back seat this year. I want to make more of an effort to be present with our kids, our parents, our friends and our family. In the end, no matter how you slice it, the holidays are supposed to be about gatherings, celebrations and the memories you make together. So however – and whomever with – you celebrate this year, make it a Happy Holiday!

Frank Emanuele is a proud father of two boys, a special education teacher, and a director of Dad Club London.


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