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Jingle Bell Rock!

We want to know your holiday faves!

Favourite Christmas song:
Adi: Jingle Bell Rock
Lander: Rockin’ Rollin’ Santa Claus 

Favourite holiday movie:

Adi: Frosty the Snowman 
Lander: The Scooby Doo one 

Best Christmas dinner food:

Adi: Turkey
Lander: Nona’s turkey 

Best Christmas cookie:

Adi: Sugar cookies
Lander: Nona’s lemon cookies

Marshmallows or candy cane in hot chocolate:

Adi: Candy cane
Lander: Both! 

Favourite family tradition:

Adi: Spending time with my mom and dad and my family
Lander: Going to Nona’s for dinner

Real tree or artificial:

Adi: Real
Lander: Real

Holiday party or quiet night reading by the fire:

Adi: Always a party!
Lander: Holiday party all the way!

Skiing or skating:

Adi: Family ski trips
Lander: Skiing

Wake up early or sleep in on Christmas morning:

Adi: Always early – I’m too excited! 
Lander: Wake up early

Best gift you’ve ever been given:

Adi: My mother and father
Lander: Disney trip

What’s on your wish list this year:

Adi: IPod
Lander: IPod

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