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Keto and Exercise

One topic that comes up often when it comes to weight loss is the addition of exercise. Should you exercise on keto? What kind of exercise should you do and how often?

One thing I learned from my past attempts at losing weight was that when I tried to do it all I was setting myself up for failure. It is extremely difficult to go from eating poorly and not exercising to eating healthy and killing it in the gym.

You need to take your time in implementing changes so that they stick and become a part of your new lifestyle. When I lost 60 pounds it was 98% diet. Changing your diet is going to result in significant weight loss just on its own. I would highly recommend focusing on the food you eat first and add in some form of exercise as soon as you feel comfortable to complement your diet.

When I lost the weight, I found that my body didn’t look toned the way I had wanted. My bum was basically non-existent, and my arms didn’t look muscular. This is where exercise came in. Beyond benefits of the shape and tone of your body, you’ll improve your heart health and overall strength.

I always suggest starting with something you enjoy. Walking is a simple way to start – even at 20 minutes a day. I started with walking, moved on to running 5 km. You can go to a gym and try their group classes which are available in a variety of difficulty levels. Try out a yoga class or even search YouTube for workouts you can do at home. I personally found the accountability of a trainer to be necessary to keep me on track and getting workouts in.

It’s important to work in rest days to your exercise schedule. I cannot stress enough the importance of starting with something manageable and growing into your fitness journey. Understand that this is not something you are doing for a short period of time to lose weight but more of your long-term lifestyle. You can do this!

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Joanna Wilcox is Canadian Health and Fitness Influencer from Woodstock, Ontario.


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