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Kid Zone: Cheater!

Have you noticed a time in professional sports when a team or player acted unfairly? How did it make you feel?

Mikaeel: Once I did when Tom Brady deflated the balls to make them easier to catch. I thought it was unfair to the other team because the New England Patriots went to the Super Bowl because of it.

Ella: Well, I didn’t see this, but I heard about the time when Mike Tyson, the boxer, bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off. I think that

would definitely be considered unfair play. When I heard this, I was amazed that could ever happen.


Have you ever experienced unfair play yourself?


No, I have not.


Yes, I have experienced unfair play before. While playing at recess, I feel like sometimes the people who play that sport on a team outside school, think they are the best players and don’t pass to me and some of my friends. To me that is unfair play.


What can coaches/associations/players do to ensure sport is

kept fair?


Coaches/associations/players can keep sports fair by making sure kids and the referees know all the rules.


I think coaches can make sure they have their players play by the rules even if it means that they lose. And I think players should

familiarize themselves with the rules and use them.


Which sports are the easiest/most difficult to keep fair?


I think it would be easiest to cheat in golf and hardest to cheat in basketball because I don’t think they do drug tests in golf and they do drug tests in basketball.

Ella: I think hockey is a sport that is hard to keep fair because there are a lot of rules and sometimes a lot of people in one place, so it is hard for the referees to see. I think that swimming is an easy sport to keep fair because if you just stay in your lane, you won’t bother anybody.


We’re not keeping it all serious here – tell us a sports joke!

Mikaeel: Why did the golfer wear 2 pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one!

Ella: What sport do waiters do so well at? Tennis, because they are such great servers!


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