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Kid Zone: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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Join eleven year olds Mikaeel and Ella in the Kid Zone monthly as they share perspectives on life as a child sees it.

What is your opinion on this topic?  

Ella: I love to write letters and get letters. I feel a lot more excited when I get a letter in the mail than when I get an email.

Mikaeel: My opinion on this topic is that everyone should write and mail at least one letter in their life.

Why is letter writing important?

Ella: Letter writing is important because how else would Santa Claus know what kids want for Christmas if little kids didn’t write letters.

Mikaeel: It is important because it shows that you care and that you took time to write that letter.

Why does this matter to kids?

Ella: I think this matters to kids because some kids don’t even get letters, they just get weird texts where u means you and c means see.

Mikaeel: It matters to kids because, if the time comes and they need to write a letter, they might not know how to write a letter. And it feels good to get mail.

What should adults/parents do about this?

Ella: I think that adults/parents should teach their children how to write letters and how to send them. Then maybe kids would be more interested.

Mikaeel: I think adults/parents should challenge kids to write a letter to someone instead of emailing or texting them. I’m going to ask my parents to get me some stamps.

How are you going to make a change?

Ella: I am going to write more letters and teach those who don’t know how to write a letter.

Mikaeel: I am going to make a change by writing letters to people instead of emailing them and encouraging other people to write letters too.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Ella: A long time ago the only way to communicate without seeing each other was with letters. Today there are so many other high-tech ways to talk that letter writing got lost. I still think this is important and good so I will continue to send letters!

Mikaeel: Won’t you take the challenge and write me a letter? You can mail it to Kid Zone P.O. Box 29118 London, ON N6K 4L9. I would love to hear from you and I will write you back!

Mikaeel is the son of our editor, Sabina, and Ella is the daughter of our assistant editor, Melissa. Each has over 11 years of life experience. These grade sixes are world authorities on many, many subjects. Mikaeel and Ella will be sharing their ideas and opinions monthly.



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