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Let’s give Dad his due with an old-fashioned tribute to dear old Pops! Give us lots of insider info!

My favourite thing about my Dad is…

Ella: He’s really funny and can always make me laugh.

Mikaeel: My favourite thing is his baldness and his humour.

The worst joke Dad ever told was…

Ella: Well, this isn’t a joke but it’s just a funny thing that he says. Whenever there is a car going too slowly in front of us and we have to pull around to pass it, he says “Glad we got around that egg timer!” Then he sometimes says “Eat my dust!”

Mikaeel: “How do you make a tissue dance?  You put a little boogie in it.”

Dad’s the best _____ and worst_____.

Ella: Dad’s the best camper and the worst at speaking French.

Mikaeel: Dad’s the best DIY home renovator and the worst musician.

The funniest thing about my dad is…

Ella: In the winter he claims that his ears get too hot under his hat, so he lifts it up so it doesn’t cover his ears. However, when he does this, the top of the hat sticks up and looks really funny.

Mikaeel: He puts at least ten towels in the kitchen for no reason.

The most heart-warming thing about my dad is…

Ella: He always gives me a big bear hug when he gets home from work.

Mikaeel: He always helps me and I can talk to him about anything.


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