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Summer is here, and we’d love to know your top ten favourite places to spend a summer day in London and beyond. Tell us the name of the place, why it’s awesome and what there is to do there.


  1. The library – I love to read and the library is a perfect place to relax and catch up on some of my favourites. However if reading is not your thing, they also have computers and many programs to participate in – and don’t forget the air conditioning!
  2. The Pinery – This provincial park is a great spot for hiking, canoeing/kayaking, swimming, biking and enjoying the outdoors.
  3. The beaches at Grand Bend and Port Stanley – No matter how old you are the beach is the perfect way to cool down and have fun. I love to swim, body surf, dig holes, build with the sand and bury my sister.
  4. Labatt Park – me, my cousins and family love to see the London Majors play here. It’s just such a fun, traditional ball game type of place
  5. Tennis courts – what better way to spend the day than out at the tennis courts? I’m lucky enough to have tennis courts right here in my hometown of Parkhill. I love to play and it’s a great source of exercise. By the end, I’m exhausted!
  6. Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre – I do triathlons here and it’s such a great place. I love their pool, which has big shallow and deep ends, as well as lanes
  7. Biking on Terry Fox Parkway/Maurice Chapman Walkway – I love to bike by the river and see all the ducks that are along one part of the trail. The paths are really well maintained and it is beautiful to see in all the seasons.
  8. Lickety Split – This ice cream parlor is in Parkhill, where I live, and my friends, family and I absolutely love to go here for a cool treat in the summer.
  9. The Works – This burger place in downtown London has every kind of burger imaginable! They also open up the front, which is a garage door, in the summer so that everyone can enjoy the gorgeous weather.
  10. Springbank Park Playground – I loved this playground when I was younger! It’s super cool and fun for kids.



  1. Thames Valley G.C. – Thames Valley golf course is a great way to spend the summer golfing with friends.  That is where I will be spending most of my summer.
  2. Bob Martin’s Driving Range – Bob Martin’s is a great state of the art driving range in London.  It is a great place to go practise your golf swing and the staff are amazing!
  3. Beach – Who doesn’t like the beach?
  4. Park – The park has playground equipment and is a fun place to hang out with people.
  5. Pool – The pool is great because it can help you cool down during those hot summer weeks.  It is one of my favourite places to spend the summer.
  6. Cars & Coffee – Cars and Coffee is a get together every Sunday in the summer for car enthusiasts.
  7. Tennis Courts – I enjoy playing tennis in the summer with my cousins and my friends.
  8. East Park – East Park is a great location for summer fun.  East Park has water slides, go-karts, golf and much more.
  9. Sky Zone – Sky Zone is a great trampoline park in London that lots of kids go to during the summer.
  10. The rest of my summer I enjoy doing other things with my friends.


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