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Would you consider yourself a nature nut?

Ella: I guess that I would. I love being outside and enjoying nature in all seasons but especially in the summer. Even if I am inside I like to find a sunny spot to curl up in.

Mikaeel: I would consider myself a nature nut because I enjoy riding my bike on lots of trails and forests.

What are your favourite activities to do outside?

Ella: I love to go swimming and climb trees to read in. I also like biking, playing basketball out on the road, skipping and writing stories under the sun.

Mikaeel: I enjoy riding my bike and playing basketball with my friends.

What’s the best food to cook on a campfire or barbecue?

Ella: This one isn’t so much on a campfire as it is in the campfire. Campfire mac-and-cheese is so delicious after a long day of hiking, swimming and canoeing. You simply put noodles (already cooked), as much cheese as you want, milk, salt, pepper and a little bit of butter in individual pie tins (covered in tin foil) and place it in the coals.

Mikaeel: I like kebabs or burgers.

If you were lost outdoors and in a survival situation, how would you rate your chances?

Ella: Since I camp so much, I would rate my chances as pretty good. I think that depending on what I had with me, I could find my way back as well as protect myself and find non-poisonous foods.

Mikaeel: I think I would barely survive because I’m not amazing at survival tricks and things like that.

Why do you think it’s important for kids/adults to get outside? How many hours a day do you think we should strive for in the summer?

Ella: I think it’s important because it is healthy in multiple ways. You get vitamin D from the sun and I think that it helps your mental health as well. I’m always happier outside. Sometimes you need fresher air than the stuffy air inside your home. I would say that one hour is the bare minimum, but then for that you would need to go outside every single day.

Mikaeel: I think that it is important to get outside because there are lots of opportunities to have fun and enjoy activities with friends and family.  I think everyone should be outside for at least two hours every day in the summer.

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