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What does Remembrance Day signify for you?

Ella: Remembrance Day is a time for me to remember and be thankful for all the soldiers who gave their lives for our country.

Mikaeel: It makes me remember to not take my life for granted and makes me think of my grandpa.


What does peace mean to you?

Ella: To me peace means no more violence. It means people settling their differences without thousands of people dying. It means calm and people feeling secure.

Mikaeel: Peace is when things aren’t violent.  Peace is the ability to go outside without being in fear for your life.


Freedom is …

Ella: Having rights as a human of any race, gender, religion or ethnicity. Freedom is being able to go outside, to school, to stores or anywhere and feeling safe.

Mikaeel: The ability to say what you want and do what you want within reason, and not being controlled completely by the government.  Freedom is a democracy not a dictatorship.


On Remembrance Day, what symbols come to mind (soldiers, poppies, Flanders Fields…)? Why are these important today?

Ella: All of those symbols come to mind for me as well as crosses and wreathes because that is what my school makes every year to bring to the cenotaph. I think they are important because they help us to never forget which is the entire point of Remembrance Day.

Mikaeel: For me poppies come to mind because poppies represent sleep, peace, and death.


If I could speak to a veteran, I would say …

Ella: I speak to some veterans at the nursing home that I volunteer at and I am so thankful for what they have done. But I also like to talk to them about what they did for the rest of their lives despite the war that took so much from them.

Mikaeel: I would thank them for their service and ask “what is your most prominent memory from the war?”


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