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Many little ones are starting their first day of school this month. Would you consider yourself an expert on this topic and why?

Mikaeel: I would maybe consider myself an expert on first days of school because this year will be my eleventh first day of school.

Ella: Of course I would! I think I’m an expert because I have been present on the youngest kids’ very first day of school nine times (including my own very first day of school). I watch them get called up to the front of the gym and then file out and into the classroom where they begin to learn the basics of school. Year after year, excited and nervous, they take their place at the front of the gym.

What are your memories from your first day of school?

Mikaeel: I remember meeting my teacher and meeting my friends and being excited about naptime and no homework.

Ella: Hmm. I don’t remember much from my first day of school. I do remember how proud I was of my backpack though!  It was brown with rainbows on it and I thought that I was so cool when I wore it.

What should parents be doing to get their child ready for the first day of kindergarten?

Mikaeel: Parents should make sure their child(ren) are up to date with all their vaccinations. That way they don’t catch/spread illnesses. And make sure they tell them what to expect on the first day of school.

Ella: Practice raising your hand and only talking when you are told to. I’m in grade eight and I still get in trouble for talking out. Also kindergarten is the time for mistakes! If you mess up, it’s okay, just learn from it.

You’re in grade eight. Will you be assisting the kindergarten children in any way this year?

Mikaeel: This year I will be assisting the kindergarten students during some activities and during some lunch hours.

Ella: My school is small so I will probably be interacting with the kindergartens in one way or another. I could be the kindergarten lunch helper, or be a buddy on a skating trip. I could be their reading helper, or assist with a craft or two.

What’s your best tip to give a four year old about making friends at school?

Mikaeel: Don’t be afraid to meet new people!

Ella: Honestly, just say hello. Once you do that, you start to play with those kids and then you become better and better friends. I am still friends with the same kids that were in my kindergarten class.


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