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KidZone – Animals and How to Save Them

Many of the world’s animals are currently on the endangered list – which one are you most worried about?

Mikaeel: One of the animals I am worried about is pandas. They are endangered and if they go extinct bamboo plants will become much less common.

Ella: I am worried about elephants and rhinos because they are being poached for ivory and are going extinct.


What can we do to help this animal?

Mikaeel: We can protect forests, habitat, bamboo, and educate people about pandas.

Ella: We can make sure that poachers don’t kill them and we can preserve their habitats.


What do you think the Canadian government should be doing to help the world’s animals?

Mikaeel: I think Canada’s government can create more national and provincial parks to help protect animals in that habitat.

Ella: They can put new laws in place so that we don’t ruin the environments animals live in, and so that we don’t hunt them to extinction.


Do you feel that zoos treat animals fairly?

Mikaeel: No, I don’t think zoos treat animals fairly because they are forcing animals out of their normal habitats.

Ella: I think the zoos that rescue animals are doing a great job helping animals. However, the zoos where the animals look like they’re in prison are keeping the animals from living a full life in the wild.


Who is a favourite person of yours who is out there doing great work for animals and/or the environment? Tell us about them.

Mikaeel: I think someone who is doing good work for animals is Leonardo DiCaprio because he has started a charity called Save Tigers Now.  He is using his celebrity status to help animals.

Ella: I think anyone who puts any effort at all into helping animals or helping the earth in any way is doing a great job. Thank you to the rescue shelters, to the animal rights activists, to the young people who are speaking up, to the people who are making a difference.1


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