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How have you and your family been coping during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Mikaeel: We have been coping well but we are starting to get bored.


Ella: We’ve been doing pretty good and are making sure to keep in touch with family and friends to make sure they’re fine too.



What have been your personal favourite activities to keep you occupied during quarantine?


Mikaeel: I have enjoyed playing guitar, reading, cooking, and watching Seinfeld.


Ella: I like to paint, read, go on walks and have movie nights with my sister.



What has been the best and worst part of schooling from home? Have you had any big challenges?  


Mikaeel: The best part of schooling from home is that if I get up early I’m done all my work by noon and I have the rest of my day to do whatever I want. The only challenge would maybe be asking questions – it sometimes takes a while for responses.


Ella: I like that I get to work at my own pace and can work at any time of the day, but it gets a little tricky sometimes because we can’t really do projects we would normally do in groups. If I have a question, I have to email my teacher instead of just asking in real time.



Unfortunately, your grade 8 graduations have been cancelled/postponed. How does this make you feel? Have you planned any ways to celebrate at home?


Mikaeel: It is kind of frustrating but I expected it to get cancelled due to the teacher strike. I don’t have any plans for home.


Ella: I’m a little disappointed that I won’t get a typical graduation, but I think it’s worse for high school students and college graduates. We don’t have anything specific planned yet, but we’re definitely going to find some way to celebrate!



What do you think the government or the general public could be doing better to fight Covid-19? What could we do differently next time a pandemic hits?


Mikaeel: I think we have to be more proactive, and I think if we did everything we did a couple of weeks earlier we could have been better off.


Ella: I think our government did do a pretty good job by shutting things down and setting guidelines, but if it’s going to work we all need to follow them. I also think they need to be careful about how quickly they open things up again.


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