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KidZone – May – Celebrating the Day You Were Born

First, we want to hear about you. When is your birthday, what time were you born, tell us something special about the day you were born.

Ella: My birthday is April 6th, 2006. I was born at 8:11 PM. Something interesting is that I was born three days early.

Mikaeel: I was born on Monday, May 8th, 2006 at 1:40 pm.  On my birthday in 2006, the photographer that took the cover picture for Abbey Road by the Beatles died.


How are birthdays celebrated in your house?

Ella: Normally we have a special dinner and my family gives gifts and then we do something fun like an activity or having friends over.

Mikaeel: We usually go out for dinner somewhere and have a themed cake at home.

What do you do to make a friend or family member feel special on their birthday?

Ella: I always make sure to at least wish them a happy birthday and make them a card.

Mikaeel: We surprise them either with a special gift, an experience or with homemade food.


If money or time didn’t come into play, what amazing things would you do to celebrate your big day?

Ella: To be honest, I like the way I celebrate my birthday now. Maybe I would get a whole bunch of helium balloons and just put them all in a room. That would be fun.

Mikaeel: I would rent out a racetrack and have a track day with either go-karts or real cars.


What famous people share your birthday?

Ella: Surprisingly, not a lot. Paul Rudd, Raphael (the painter) and Billy Dee Williams were the only ones I knew.

Mikaeel: I share my birthday with David Attenborough and NBA star Kemba Walker.


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