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KidZone – Social Media – Beneficial or Beastly?

Are you active on social media?

Mikaeel: I am active on Instagram.

Ella: I am active on one type of social media, Snapchat.

What kind of guidelines have your parents put into place for social media?

Mikaeel: None, because I rarely use social media.


Ella: My parents have told me to not add anyone I don’t know, and to let them know if I want an account on any other social medias.

What do you think the pros and cons of social media are?

Mikaeel: I think the pros are that people can be social and have friends from anywhere, and it can be enjoyable.  The cons are that it affects mental health, it makes it easier for people to be bullied and it’s much easier for child predators to lure children.


Ella: I think that some pros are that you can keep in touch with people if you don’t see them often, or even if you do, and that you can keep up with what people are doing. Some cons are that people tend to be braver behind a screen, therefore making it easier to say mean things that they wouldn’t normally say.

How has social media changed our world?

Mikaeel: Social media has changed our world in ways such as it is now essential for businesses to have social media, and everyone is now addicted.


Ella: I think that social media has changed our world in a lot of ways. There are entire jobs that revolve around it and it makes news spread so much faster. People have become addicted and can’t put their phones down. So much has happened and improved since social media was first introduced.

If you had to go one week without using social media, how would you feel? How long could you go without it?

Mikaeel: I think I would be fine and would be able to go the entire week.


Ella: I would be fine with that. When we go away on vacation or camping, I don’t usually bring my phone. I think I could go a while.

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