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KidZone – The Gift of Giving Back

Here at The Mom & Caregiver, we value giving back to our community. How do you give back to your community? Through volunteering? Donations? Other ways?

Mikaeel: I give back to my community by volunteering at the food bank and donating money to different causes.


Ella: I give back to my community by volunteering at the nursing home (reading books and going on walks), helping the younger kids at my school, participating in fundraisers like the Terry Fox Run and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and donating to local food drives.

Some adults believe that children don’t have the power to make changes in our community. What can young people do to help?

Mikaeel: Children can volunteer with someone who is elderly and needs some help, or they can have a lemonade stand and all the money will go to a charity.


Ella: I think that that is a wrong statement.  A 12 year old has aided the blind by inventing a navigation system, a 16 year old has invented a flashlight that converts body heat into light, and even the braille system that we know today was invented by a 15 year old. Never judge what someone can do just because of their age. Even if you’re not inventing things that the world knows about, you can still do so much to help. Volunteer at a place that you are passionate about, donate, find some way to help your community.

How do you feel after you’ve given back/helped out? Do you benefit from these experiences?

Mikaeel: It makes you feel good that you have helped someone who can’t help themselves, and it makes you think differently.


Ella: I feel really good after I’ve helped out. I think I definitely benefit from these experiences.

How can one generous person teach others to share their time, money, expertise?

Mikaeel: They can volunteer at places to teach the new volunteers how it works, and have a non-profit company that teaches and recruits volunteers.


Ella: Show how happy it makes you. Show that you don’t do it because you have to, but because you like to. Show how much it helps the person on the other end.

What is your goal for the upcoming year? Who would you like to help and how?

Mikaeel: My goal is to consistently volunteer somewhere.


Ella: I would like to help out in as many ways as I can. I want to continue to lend a hand to the nursing home, as well as help the local day camp.


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