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Let the Games Begin!

What are the rules about video games at your house and do you think they’re fair?

Charlie – At our house, we are only allowed to play video games during the weekend. We wake up early Saturday and Sunday to play before our parents wake up. I think they are fair rules because too much screen time is not good for your health!  

Harrison – I think my parents’ rules about video games are a bit of both. It’s fair because we are allowed to play on the weekends. But I wish we could play more during the week. Since we have been online schooling for the last couple of months, it cuts down how long we are able to play video games. Too much screen time is not good for your brain. 

What are your favourite games and why?

Charlie – Fortnite is my favourite game because it’s so much fun! I can play with my friends and family, and I love the characters and their dance moves. Many characters are based on real life people from athletes to musicians, and the superheroes are fantastic. NHL2020 is my next favourite game. I always play as the Vegas Golden Nights. I love how the team includes all players and teams old and new. 

Harrison – My favourite games are Fortnite, NHL2020, Descenders (a Mountain Biking Game) and Star Wars. I like Fortnite because you can work on building skills and hand eye coordination. I like Descenders because it’s all about improving your skills of mountain biking. I love Star Wars because, well, it’s Star Wars. And I love NHL2020 because I am always the Montreal Canadiens.

If you could invent a video game, what would it be?

Charlie – If I could invent a video game it would be an adventure game about camping. You could camp alone or with groups of people, and it would work in real time using the current weather conditions that are happening wherever you are in the game. It would have physical and mental challenges and you could gain points if you are environmentally friendly. 

Harrison – If I were to invent a video game it would be a sports game about the Olympic Winter Games. There are so many cool winter sports like Biathlon (where you cross country ski and shoot at targets), Short and Long Track Speed Skating (it’s so crazy) and Skeleton (where you go down a bobsled track face first on a tiny little sled). People in the Olympic Winter Games have nerves of steel. It would be a great video game. 

Charlie and Harrison
Meet 10 year-old twins, Charlie and Harrison, our new Kid Zone writers!
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