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Let’s Be Honest – My Beautiful Readers

The last time I wrote to you feels like a world away. I wrote an article on trauma; it almost feels eerie now. I had no idea when I was typing those words to you that we would be living in this world now, a collective emotional trauma of life as we know it so abruptly ending. I have had may conversations with many friends about this, and I come back to saying what has been my mantra: “We are going to get through this.”

I, like you, feel completely overwhelmed at times like this. I have no guidebook on how to move though a pandemic and a semi-quarantine while also going through (like all of you) the regular (and irregular) change and tribulations of life. It’s been topsy-turvey, unnerving and, frankly, just about as weird as it could be. So, it is with all of the above in mind that I feel compelled to say to you: we will move through this. Do not lose hope. Here is what my life has taught me about getting through hard times (adjusted for Pandemic Edition):

  1. The days are long, but the years are short: This phrase was offered to me while I sat at my doctor’s office, sobbing with an eight week old baby who would not stop crying. She hugged me and tenderly told me these words. She was right. These days are so long. We wake up in our homes which can, at times, feel like a luxe jail cell. Then we stay there, trying to “work from home”, raise children, and deal with whatever else comes our way. We are bored, we are scared. In the darkest years (yep – I have had dark years), I felt like things would never end. And then they did. This will too. Each day, as long or arduous as it is, will pass. Those days collect to weeks and then months and sooner or later we will be back in each other’s arms.
  2. Sometimes, you’ve got to disconnect to reconnect: The bombardment of the news can range from concerning to horrifying. During the most hectic times of my life, I’ve had to make a conscious decision to retreat to regain balance and perspective. You might need to give yourself permission to get off the incessant zoom calls, online games, screens in general. Go to bed early, read, play with your kids…sometimes the world is just too fast and when it is happening in our homes, we need to unplug.
  3. Never miss a chance to dance: Move your body daily. There are so many ways to move: walking in a physically distanced fashion, dancing in your kitchen with your kids, working out to a home video…the list goes on and on. Your body stores all of your stress and worries and when we move it, we metabolize that stress. Sitting down in front of four Zoom calls per day is too much for anyone, and your body doesn’t like it. If you commit to movement, you will help ease your stress levels.


I know this is wild, but there are gifts in hardship and we must look for them. In a world so disconnected, to have the option of connection change so drastically has shocked us all. This will pass and we will be back, stronger than ever.

May you be happy,



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